Mandatory Reporters

Ohio has a law which requires certain professionals to report suspected child abuse and neglect.
  • Citation: Ohio Revised Code § 2151.421
Mandatory reporters include:
  • Attorneys
  • Physicians, interns, residents, dentists, podiatrists, nurses, or other health-care professionals
  • Licensed psychologists, school psychologists, or marriage and family therapists
  • Speech pathologists or audiologists
  • Coroners
  • Administrators or employees of child daycare centers, residential camps, child day camps, certified child care agencies, or other public or private children services agencies
  • Teachers, school employees, or school authorities
  • Persons engaged in social work or the practice of professional counseling
  • Agents of county humane societies
  • Persons, other than clerics, rendering spiritual treatment through prayer in accordance with the tenets of a well-recognized religion
  • Superintendents, board members, or employees of county boards of mental retardation; investigative agents contracted with by a county board of mental retardation; employees of the Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities; employees of a facility or home that provides respite care; employees of a home health agency; employees of an entity that provides homemaker services
  • Persons performing the duties of an assessor or third party employed by a public children services agency to assist in providing child or family-related services
Emergencies or Immediate Danger
If you believe that a child is in immediate danger of serious harm, call 911.

Non-Emergency Situations
In non-emergency situations, report cases of suspected child abuse and neglect by calling:
  • Phone Line: 937-327-1748 or 800-516-3463
  • Fax Number: 937-327-1910
After Hours Line
On weekdays after 5 p.m., on weekends or during holidays, call the Family and Children Services emergency after-hours line at 937-324-8687.

Anyone may make a report of suspected child abuse or neglect.