Program & Service Delivery Assignments

Children & Families Must Be Supervised by Staff / Volunteer / Team Members at All Times
  • CAC staff member will inform volunteer of appointment date / time
  • Information will be provided as to identifying information of family members
  • Children and families will be supervised in lobby of CAC at all times
  • Provide snacks / water to children / families
  • Report any issues or concerns to a staff member immediately
Therapy / Treatment / Interview Rooms: Will Be Cleaned / Disinfected
Definition: the term “toys” will be used generically throughout this document to include all pay equipment, toys and recreational items used by patients in the CAC.

  • Stuffed toys cannot be adequately cleaned/disinfected and are to be given to children as a gift.
  • All CAC “toys” will be disinfected between client use
  • All staff will be responsible for disinfecting commonly shared client “toys” before use by another client i.e. Nintendo control pads, hand held video games, dolls, etc.
Utilizing Client Participation / Satisfaction Surveys as Method to Review Service Delivery Outcomes
Overall: Volunteers will be utilized to make phone calls to clients-asking structured questions regarding CAC service delivery. They will record the information onto the survey form. Information from the forms will be compiled into one report on a monthly basis and reviewed by the MDT team.