Welcome to the CAC

Aprils Story_Before

The Way It Used To Be:
  • Children were shuffled from agency to agency for interviews and exams-typically in clinical and intimidating settings, e.g. children services, police station, hospital, etc.
  • These children were asked to tell their story of abuse to many different people and relive their experience over and over again.
  • Lack of communication and coordination amongst the agencies making decisions.
  • Non-offending family members were given differing information from agencies which led to confusion and lack of trust.

A Better Way Today:
  • Children visit our safe, supportive and child-friendly setting where forensic interviews are recorded.
  • One central location for professionals of different disciplines to meet. Involved agencies have instant access to better, more complete information.
  • Partner agencies attend regular team meetings at the CAC to share information and make expert decisions.
  • Specialized training of team members offers more improved outcomes for children
  • and their non-offending family members.
  • One place, one resource for families to direct their questions and concerns.