Elder Protection

Protecting the Elderly Of Our Community
Citizens are encouraged to report suspected cases of abuse

Adult Protective Services (APS) investigates reports made to county agencies about suspected abuse, neglect and exploitation of individuals age 60 and over. Working with other agencies, APS arranges for services to protect those determined to have been victimized.

Provide Details
Persons making reports should provide as many details as possible to help APS determine whether an investigation is called for. Reports that meet criteria are assigned for investigation. The alleged victim is notified of the reason for the investigation, and an APS staff member makes a face-to-face home visit within 24 hours for cases determined to be an emergency. Other investigations begin within 3 working days.

When intervention is found necessary, APS develops a plan of action with the older adult and makes sure the client receives needed services to ensure safety and security.

If you suspect that an older adult is in immediate danger, call 911. And, call Adult Protective Services at 937-327-1748 or 800-516-3463. After hours number 937-328-2560.