Becoming a Licensed Childcare Provider

Providers Play an Important Role in Helping Families

A childcare provider can be a babysitter, a nanny, an employee at a childcare center or another form of a childcare worker. To help ensure quality childcare, Clark County Department of Job and Family Services (CCDJFS) can license providers who care for 6 or fewer children in their homes.

Families who qualify for childcare benefits through CCDJFS must use licensed providers. These providers lend a helping hand to eligible families as they work toward becoming more self-sufficient.

Application Procedure

Individuals interested in becoming a licensed childcare provider need to apply through Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) at

Once at the home screen, click on the link in the bottom right corner that says "Interested in Opening a Child Care Program?" and follow the instructions. Once all documents have been submitted and fees are paid to ODJFS, the application will be routed to the county of residence to be completed.

CCDJFS Self-Employed Contractors

 Licensed Type B Providers offering childcare in their homes - undergo at least 2 inspections a year, one of them unannounced. Inspectors look at the safety standards in the home, such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, first-aid kits and well-water certification, if necessary.