Child Support Planning & Support

Clark County Child Support Enforcement
Every child and family situation is unique. At the Clark County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), we work with individuals and families to ensure children receive the support they deserve. Many factors are involved in establishing and maintaining child support arrangements. We offer information and enforcement services to ensure the well-being of children is achieved throughout our community.

The agency, a division of the Clark County Department of Job and Family Services, does this through a variety of means: establishing paternity; establishing, reviewing, adjusting and enforcing financial and medical support orders; and disbursing payments.

Through our services, we enhance the financial security and health insurance protection of children whose parents live apart.
  • We establish, enforce and amend child support and medical support orders
  • Help locate non-custodial parents
  • Establish parentage
  • Manage collection of child support payments and disbursement of current and delinquent support payments
We also work with other state’s child support agency to establish, enforce or modify a child support order. Such interstate actions operate under the authority of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). For specific information, please contact your local county CSEA (in Clark County, 937-327-1700) or the state or county that issued your support order. For information pertaining to each state’s child support system, visit the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement website.

Overall, we reduce the need for public assistance for the children we serve.
The Child Support Enforcement Agency works to make sure that parents meet their obligations to support the future and well-being of their children. Watch our video to learn more about the ways we can assist you.