BenefitsPlus Case Banking is here!

Job and Family Services of Clark County has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people applying for public assistance benefits. This has prompted an exploration of new ways of doing business that would better meet the needs of customers.

Effective August 31, 2009, the BenefitsPlus Division embarked on a case banking approach to case management. Six teams of workers will assist with different aspects of case management which includes; Interview Teams, Change Report Teams and Processing Teams. Customers will no longer have an assigned case manager. Each team will focus on a specific area of a customer’s case, rather than an individual worker keeping up with every aspect of the case. This new procedure streamlines the process and ensures that benefits are delivered in an accurate and timely manner.

In addition to Case Banking, this division has begun to conduct telephone interviews for redetermination of cash and food assistance for customers. This process, which was implemented in June 2009, has been quite successful and a great benefit for those who have difficulty getting to the office. It also has reduced the number of missed appointments. With state approval, this process will be expanded in the near future for the Medicaid program that serves elderly and disabled customers.