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Child Support Planning & Support

Clark County Child Support Services

Every child and family situation is unique. At Child Support Services of Clark County, we work with individuals and families to ensure children are supported. Many factors dictate the requirements necessary to establish and maintain support of children. We offer guidance and enforcement to ensure the wellbeing of children is achieved throughout our community.

Children develop best with the active support of their parents. When parents live apart, Child Support Services of Clark County makes sure they fulfill their responsibilities and see to their children’s wellbeing.

The agency, a service of the Clark County Department of Job & Family Services, does this through a variety of means: establishing paternity; establishing, reviewing, adjusting and enforcing financial and medical support orders; and disbursing payments.

Through our services we enhance the financial security and health insurance protection of children whose parents live apart. We establish, enforce and amend child support and medical support orders; help locate non-custodial parents; establish parentage; and manage collection of child support and disbursement of current and delinquent support payments. As a result, we reduce the need for public assistance for the children we serve.

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