The Investigation

You may be asked to wait while your child is being questioned. Being left out of some of the proceedings can make you feel as if you are not very important. In fact, you may be the key to understanding what has happened. Interviewers, however, prefer that the parents not be present during the interview because they feel that more accurate information can be obtained if you are not there. In your presence, your child may be unwilling to tell important details because he/she wants to spare you from hearing them. Sometimes parents can't control their emotions at what they hear; or some parents may place pressure on the child to tell in a way that can complicate the legal process.

The interviewers will take the time to make sure your child is comfortable without you. This means letting your child see you with the interviewer and making sure that your child knows where you will be during the interview. It should be made clear to the child that you are available, if necessary.

Legal Process Pace
The legal process often moves at its own pace, different from your child’s need to heal. Emotional wounds will be reopened by the various proceedings, which take place over a period of time. The court date may be delayed over and over again. You have no control over this. It is best to try to be patient, and to remember that people are working to gain the best outcome for you and your child. The team approach to these cases keeps the process as simple as possible.

Helping you Through the Process
The CAC staff can help you through the process. Always remember that you can call and a member of our Center will attempt to get answers to your questions and/or link you to a service provider.